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Episode 11 - UberPheesh Part 1
July 01, 2010 10:51 AM PDT

Hey Pheesh fans!!

Sorry it's been a few weeks but to make it up you, here is the first half of UberPheesh, my longest ever mix with the 2nd half to follow next week. It will be missing the middle ten minutes as to fit onto 2 x CD, just in case you wanted to burn them off. The full tracklisting for the entire 170mins is below and the mix is still available on the LovePheesh SoundCloud page here if you want to keep as all as one file:

Otherwise, keep an eye open for the 2nd half next week!!

Tracklisting in full:

1. Aeron Aether - Aikhy
2. Marquez Ill - Regret
3. Niko Fantin - Dry & Dirty (Andrea Cassino Remix)
4. Spieltape - Lonely Places Ive Never Been (Evren Ulusoy Remix)
5. Mango - Forever July (Chris Nemmo Otherworldy Mix)
6. Sezer Uysal - Weird Walking In Bursa (Darin Epsilon Remix)
7. Jim Siver - Water Sound (Python Remix)
8. Arctic Night - Valley Of Desires
9. Jim Rivers - 7 Days (Steve Mac Remix)
10. Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Eelke Kleijn Space Mix)
11. Davi - Blue Hour (Eelke Kleijn Space Mix)
12. Way Out West - Ultra Violet (Guy J Remix)
13. Diyo - Skip Intro
14. Hypnotic Duo - Overcast
15. Nick Stoynoff - Take A Seat
16. Breeze_Quadrat-4 AM In Glasgow (Loquai Remix)
17. Und Sound - Drawing On You
18. Arctic Night - Intertwining Senses
19. Mastino-Project Alpha-Pole Folder Remix
20. Namatjira - Late At Night (Chloe Harris Remix)
21. Argeniz - Thinkin N Purple
22. Butter_Parsley-Soft Street
23. Quivver-In Your Boat
24. Medway & Luke Porter - RTFM (Cid Inc Remix)
25. Dinamica - Dead Water Drops (Python Dub Mix)
26. Sezer Uysal & Evren Ulusoy - Turkish Mood
27. More_Gafry - Crystal
28. COU Muzik - Stellar Rock (Seb Dhajje 7 To 8 Remix)
29. Lish - Running Away
30. Hybrid - Can You Hear Me (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Hope you enjoy it.

Ali @ All @ LovePheesh

Episode 10 - Fly Pheeshing
May 18, 2010 11:27 AM PDT

Hey Pheesh fans!

It's been a while longer than usual with plenty going on at The Pheesh Pharm but the main thing being a change of Aquarium to a new one in the countryside! It's great. clown

This time it's a brand new mix from LovePheesh Resident, Ali Line (me!). Lots of new stuff on here and a reflection of what i'm digging at the moment. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer/winter depending on where you live as we have subscribers from all over the world now, over 1500 of them!!

So thanks for listening, hope you enjoy the mix, til the next time, take care Pheeshes.

Ali & all @ lovePheesh


1. Tropical Highlight - Keep Walking
2. Soulfinder - Wasteland (Python Relax Mix)
3. AlterImage - Universal Truth
4. Josel Pedro - Quiet Storm (Python Remix)
5. Peter Sajche - Embrace The Style
6. Pietro Coppola - Select Mind (Sezer Uysal Remix)
7. Innate - Parabolic Curve (Beat Factory Remix)
8. Kasey Taylor – Reynosa
9. Pablo Acenso – Habitat
10. Digital Impression – Unconnected
11. Domased Electronica - Ganga (Loquai Remix)


Episode 9 - Gone Pheeshing
March 26, 2010 08:24 AM PDT

Hey Pheeshes!!

Time for another LovePheesh RodCast ft a new mix by myself, Ali line. This Progressive House mix is nice and melodic with plenty of lush noises, plus the odd random beep which is always good. Really hope you enjoy it and dont forget to tell you Pheeshy Phriends to subscribe as well. Till the next time!


1. Steve Foulds - Black Light (Stallos Remix)
2. 16 Bit Lolitas - Personal Space
3. Dima Pravsha - Green Valley
4. GMJ - New Dawn (Kasey Taylors Rainbow Serpent Mix)
5. GMJ - Contrivation (Dousk Remix)
6. Way Out West - The Gift (Gui Borattos Fallopian Remix)
7. Antix - Manta (Beckers Remix)
8. Kay-D - Hypnotized (Deep Vocal Mix)
9. Kay-D - Sunday Night
10. Josel - Dominion (Python Remix)
11. Easy Riders - Midnight Breakfast (Lish Remix)


Ali & All @ LovePheesh

Episode 8 - Pheesh Phetish
March 05, 2010 06:57 AM PST

Hey there Pheesh Phans, how the DevilPheesh are you all?

Sorry for the delay in episode 8 of the LovePheesh Rodcast, other things going on @ LovePheesh HQ. Hopefully you will find this new Progressive House mix from myself, LovePheesh Flounder & Resident DJ, ample compensation for making you wait.


1. Danito & Emil De Moreu - Painting You Away feat Rachele Dione (Gabi Newman Remix)
2. Blinky - Kiss Not A Kiss (Kosmas Epsilon Mix)
3. Tuxedo - Farewell
4. Zajac - Neighbourhood (Lanks Pava Street Mix)
5. Solee – Dubtale
6. Grafiti - Spooky Trains (Nick Warrens Back Of The Bog Dub)
7. Ricky Ryan - Perfecto Mundo (B.O.N.G Remix)
8. Harley Augustine - Biblioteque (Python Remix)
9. Max Demand - Roller Coaster (Paronator Remix)
10. Snake Sedrick – Tone
11. Stiven Rivic & Michael & Levan - Angel Dream (The Stain Remix)

I really hope you are well, until the next time my Phriends.

Ali & All @ LovePheesh

Episode 7 - MetamorPheeshes
February 05, 2010 01:36 PM PST

Hey there Pheeshes!

Blimey, February already!! So in celebration of that and the fact we are edging closer to springtime, here is a BRAND NEW MIX from LovePheesh Resident to help the thaw continue! A beepy & clicky Progressive House Mix with a few floaty bits (of course!) but definitely a slightly different sound for me. I really hope you enjoy it. clown


1. Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction
2. Alex Dolby - City Shark (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
3. Mystic - Reflections
4. Yaron Cohen - White Rabbit (7th key Mix)
5. Dousk - Fizzcrank
6. Ben Coda - Reflections (Original_Mix)
7. Boom Jinx & Adam Beyer - To The Six (Martin Roth Remix)
8. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan - Croatia (Evren Ulusoy's Croative Remix)
9. Cuddlecake & Bukaca - Sin
10. Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Lank Remix)
11. Ricky Ryan - Jambo Adventure

Until the next time, Pheeshy Phriends.

Ali & All @ LovePheesh

Episode 6 - The Weight of Water
January 23, 2010 04:30 AM PST
No, this isn't a science lesson, this is a lesson from the Agent of Nang, lecturing us all in the art of fine music. This Laid back Proggy / Techy mix is from the other LovePheesh Resident, Agent of Nang (Gareth to his Mum..) This is a sign of things to come from the LovePheesh crew with a greater variation of stuff including Breaks & Intelligent Drum & Bass. Whilst the music genre will change, the LovePheesh message will stay the same throughout and we hope you will enjoy what we have to offer up. Please tell your friends to subscribe and PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK as this is essential for us to make sure our Pheesy listeners are happy. clown Till the next time Pheeshy Phriends. Ali & All @ LovePheesh. Tracklisting: 1. Evan Marc ft Steve Hillage - Delta Phase (Stewart Walker Remix) 2. G-Pal - Aegean Sea (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix) 3. Alex Niggeman - I Did It 2 Years Ago (Solar & poppcke Remix) 4. David Durrango - Nocturnal Passion (Nick Hoeppner Mix) 5. Solar & poppcke - Useless Beauty 6. Nikos Diamantopoulos - Eternity (Aris Kokou Remix) 7. Larsson - Ruanda (Solar & poppcke Remix) 8. Fransesco Farfa - Founding Magdalene (Joy Kitikonti Remix) 9. Jacksonville - Way Too Blue 10. The Timewriter - Flicking Pages (Daniel Kyo Remix) 11. And if - Finest Dream (Manuel Tur Remix) 12. DJ Ceratti & Andrea Graziano - Scanner 13. Visualize - Born Again (Nickolas G Spice Progressive Mix) ><
Episode 5 - The January Jaunt
Icon_chapters   Clean
January 15, 2010 11:26 AM PST

Well, let me tell you we have been freezing our fins off here @ LovePheesh HQ!! Our Pheesh Phingers were Phreezing!

This episode sees a BRAND NEW MIX, again from myself, Ali Line, LovePheesh Flounder and Rezi DJ. Some lovely floaty Progressive Trouts, sorry House. ;o) This is my favourite stuff to play and I really like this mix and let's hope it's sign of a great 2010 ahead.

There are a couple of Seb Dhajje's mixes on here, both belters. I cant wait for the release of his Way Out West remix over the next few months. Check it on YouTube it's gonne be MASSIVE. I hooked up with Seb on Facebook and he is an all round good Pheesh and i highly recommend you check his stuff out, start off here:

I hope you enjoy the mix and if you read this nonsense everytime, PLEASE leave some feedback, good or bad either on PodOmatic or iTunes.

Dont forget to check for LP News

Till the next time Friendly Pheeshes.

Ali & All @ LovePheesh x


1. 16 Bit Lolitas - Cold Energy
2. Ryan Luciano - Avalon (Seb Dhajje's Feverish Remix)
3. Charlie May - Midnight (Nhar Remix)
4. Royksopp -Tricky Tricky (Seb Dhajje Remix)
5. Flanders – Time (Redanka Dub mix)
6. Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Calvertron & Paul Thomas Remix)
7. Quivver - Sludge (Final Mix)
8. Jaia - Drifting Planet (Martin Roth Remix)
9. Shiloh - Landmine Hopscotch (Cid Inc Remix)
10. Peter Martin - Secret Door (Cid Inc Remix)
11. Doves with Florence & The Machine - Jetstream (Sasha Dub) & Rabbit Heart [Trafik Bootleg]{LovePheesh Edit}

Episode 4 - Quivver Me Timbers!! It's LovePheesh's Fav mix of 2009!!
January 04, 2010 09:30 AM PST

Happy New Year from LovePheesh!! We hope you had a brilliant time over the festive period, you stayed safe and didn't pile on too many pounds!

LovePheesh is working on a few brand new mixes at the moment so look out for those over the coming weeks but this year starts with our favourite mix from 2009.

This live DJ mix is a single artist mix, featuring the work of Jon Graham (AKA Quivver), mixed by LovePheesh Flounder & resident DJ Ali Line and I hopes you enjoy it as much as I do. It features both his own tunes and remixes of others work, Breaks & Progressive House. Quivver is my favourite producer and I Highly recommend you check his massive back catalogue out.

There are tracks on here that are over 15 yrs old! Tracklisting as follows:

1. Kylie Minogue - Some kind of bliss (Quivver Mix)
2. Tilt vs Quivver - I know you're afraid
3. Quivver - Space Manouvres pt3 (Breaks Mix)
4. Rekelectrik - Til we meet again (Quivver Dub)
5. Trent Cantrelle and Freddy Be - You don't have to cry (Quivver remix)
6. ryukyu Underground - Seragaki (Quivver Remix)
7. Zee - Dreamtime (Quivver Dub)
8. Quivver - Not Givin Up (Dirtbag Dub)
9. Quivver - Dancing in Dark Rooms (Dub)
10. Lustral - Solace (Quivver Mix)
11. Quivver - Twist & Shout


Ali & All @ LovePheesh

Episode 3 - Progressive House from a Decade ago..
December 27, 2009 06:00 AM PST

Hiya & Happy Xmas + New Year from al @ LovePheesh!! This episode is an old mix from LovePheesh Resident Ali Line, compiled in 2000 when good old Vinyl was used.. ah those were the days! At the time it was a mix of Tracks I loved from the year before but has now a look of a Progressive House Classics mix to it! It's one of my favourite mixes I've done from a time where the music for me was at it's best and when I was still learning the art of Mixology. Anyway, I hope you had a great xmas and live it to the max for New Year. Ali & all @ LovePheesh. x

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Sander Kleinenberg – Sacred
2. Natious – Amber
3. Medway – Resurrection 99
4. BT – Mercury & Solace
5. Cass & Slide – Perception
6. Enzo Schifo – I’m Alive (Mara’s Dub)
7. Bluefish – One
8. Gypsy – I Trance You (Pappa & Gilbey Mix)
9. Stage One – Space Manoeuvres (Pariah Remix)
10. Libra Presents Taylor – Anomoly (Calling Your Name) (Quivver Remix)

Episode 2 - Ali Line - Live from LovePheesh HQ
December 18, 2009 09:28 AM PST

This episode is a live progressive house mix from a couple of weeks back, mixed by Ali Line, recorded at LovePheesh towers.


1. Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic – Invisible Children
2. Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic – Invisible Children (Tropical Highlight Mix)
3. M&D Substance – Train to Nowhere (Echofusions deep Tunnel Remix)
4. Anil Chanwa – The White Zone (Kasey Taylor Pena Remix)
5. Emou – The Summer is Old (Haske Remix)
6. Steve Haines – Lifeline
7. Tomcraft – Why Try To
8. Cid Inc. – Downtime
9. Luke Porter – DMZ
10. Yvel & Tristan – Heart & Soul (B.O.N.G Remix)
11. Stew Ewens Louk – Bad Habit (Dinka Remix)
12. Derek Howell – Weightless (Lank Remix)
13. The Funky Badgers – Funky Trump (RPO Remix)
14. Mason – Who Killed Trance?


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